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Santorini, also called Thira, is an island of the Cyclades. This group of islands lies in the central and in the east Aegean Sea. Here was once the cradle of one of the biggest Mediterranean civilizations known as the "Cycladic culture". Special to these islands are the white painted houses, the barren chain of mountains, and the green and flowering valleys, where grape vines, fruit and Olive trees grow.  There are small chapels, windmills, monasteries with impressive views as well as simple architecture on bald rock.

The deep blue sea with its highly transparent water and the shining blue sky on 352 days in the year contribute to these uniqueness of the landscape.



Santorini differs from the other Cycladic islands by a special geological condition, its past (Minoan culture) and impressive landscape.  Santorini has a fascinating lava landscape with the crater formation rising steeply from the sea in the west (called “Kaldera”) and gently sloping to the sea, with its fruitful areas in the east. Santorini is well-known particularly because of its architecture.  From the Kaldera one enjoys the view of the Kammeni islands (the "burned islands"), developed after the volcanic eruption in the year 1500 before our times.  One meets nice beaches with black sand or dark pebbles and important archaeological sites in Akrotiri (a city from the time of 1600 b.Ch.) on.  Excavations brought attention-exciting certifications to the Minoan culture to the light.  Opposite to this steep cost lies the other part of the island, Thirassia, a miniature of Santorini, for this section used to belong prior to the volcanic eruption to the main island 

All this make your stay on Santorini unforgettable!

Oia (= Ia) lies in the north of the island and is approx. 10 km of the island’s capital, Fira, and stands under monument protection.  Houses have been repaired - either in the classical white island style or like the old Villas in yellow, ochre or light red.  Oia is a pictorial village with approx. 1500 inhabitants and is built like a swallow’s nest into the rock. 

Since Oia is on the highest point of the island, the changing colours in the dusk become an unforgettable event.

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What you can find in Oia :
  • Tavernas / Cafés / Bars / small artistic shops
  • Art galleries
  • Pictorial environment
  • Below Oia is the small port of Amoudi with its fish taverns located directly by the sea.
  • Fabulous sunsets / Panorama view of the sea

With such a wide range of clubs and restaurants to choose from, there’s a very good chance that you’ll find something you enjoy. 

How you can reach Santorini :

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