What is Chi Gong?
Chi Gong (also spelled "Qigong" or "Chi Kung") is a unique Chinese healing exercise system. Through individual effort, practitioners build up their health and prevent illness by combining discipline of mind, body and the body's "Qi" (vital force).

This 5,000 year old Chinese healing system is an excellent tool for self-healing and for reaching inner harmony. It is also described as 'meditation with movement'. The enhanced movement of Qi ('chi' - life-force, bioelectric vitality) is promoted throughout the body as well as the storing and strengthening of Qi for good health and for protecting you from external influences. Blocked and stagnant Qi leads to pain and disease.

Chi gong consists of a variety of techniques that help restored any lack of harmony in the body or in the spirit. Through exercising, stretching you learn also to focus on synchronizing the breath with the slow movements and guided visualizations. Upon deeper study, the transformative, healing benefits of this personal healthcare practice become apparent.

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